Meet Autumn

Rivaulx Abbey in England photography.
Hey y’all, I’m Autumn Cutaia!

My last name rhymes with Papaya.

I’m married to my best friend that I met on Myspace 12 years ago. Yep.. Myspace!

I love traveling the world with my little family of three.

I call Colorado my home.

I have also lived in Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

I cried uncontrollably my entire way down the aisle. Total bawling!

I am a certified plant addict and have covered almost every inch of my house in plants.

Hiking, camping, road tripping.. the mountains have my heart.

I use entirely too many smiley faces in my emails. I have probably deleted like 3 before I hit send to you.

I practice living life to the fullest and am usually planning our next big trip or making art for our home.

It’s so nice to meet you!

Road Trip to Old Man of Storr in Isle of Skye Scotland.Isle of Skye Scotland photography.